Accessorizing a New Hearing Aid – Where Should You Start?

Most first-time buyers of hearing aids are interested in accessories and options, so in this post we offer a few of our suggestions.

We work with the needs of folks that wear hearing aids on a daily basis and can recommend some of the following accessories, no matter which model or type of hearing aid you have.

First of all, stock up on batteries. These aren’t exactly an accessory, but take any opportunity you can to buy them in bulk or at a discount since you will need them. Disposable batteries used in hearing aids tend to last, depending on how many hours you wear them, for 5 to 14 days.

Next on your list of “must have” accessories should be a hearing aid dehumidifier to protect it from moisture and thus keep it working well. To use it, you remove your hearing aids at night before you go to sleep and leave them in the dehumidifier overnight, while you’re not wearing them. Cleaning kits are available to keep the exterior of your hearing aids clean. Ear wax filters help keep wax from accumulating on the aids when you are wearing them.

When it comes to options that can increase your use of and enjoyment of your aids, you should look into the Bluetooth compatibility options provided by the manufacturer of your hearing aid. You can stream sound to your digital hearing aids directly from compatible mobile phones, music players and even the TV using the Bluetooth connection standard. The Bluetooth connection allows you to enjoy these devices without having to be very close to them or turn up the volume.

An alternative for people with analog hearing aids is using an FM system to relay TV and stereo sounds at a distance. You place the microphone and transmitter near the sound source and the receiver amplifier close to your hearing aid. These low-cost FM systems can be an advantage in noisy environments or those shared with other people; you can hear conversations spoken in a normal tone of voice near you while also hearing music or the TV played from much further away.


If you have questions about the hearing aid accessories described in this article or any others you’ve heard about, please don’t hesitate to ask. We want you to have the right accessories to care for and fully enjoy your hearing aid.

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