Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS, with a happy client

Thanks Audiology Services of Chattanooga for making my life more enjoyable! Everything has been wonderful. Everything was explained in detail and the staff is outstanding, helpful, and polite. They are generous with their time. Cheryl Ward is especially nice.

– Carrie

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS, with a happy client

Knowledgeable, polite service.  Clinicians are friendly and caring. Receptionists try to provide the appointments you prefer.

– Mary Beth

Ken Parker, Au.D. with a happy client

Expert, Professional, and Caring!  Being a first time patient I was apprehensive as to what to expect.  I was overly impressed with the entire process – exceeded my expectations!  Highly recommend!

– Ron

Ken Parker, Au.D., with a happy client

My experience with Dr. Ken and his staff over the past several years has been altogether positive and helpful.  The improvement in my hearing has been significant and has improved the quality of life for me greatly.  For me, Ken is a teacher as well as a healer.  He has taught me so much about the anatomy of hearing.  I appreciate his caring professionalism.

– Billy

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS, with a happy client

I believe the attention I have received in maintaining my hearing aids has been excellent. I could not ask for a more caring environment. Helping people to hear better is the focus at Audiology Services of Chattanooga.

– Anne

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS, with a happy client

Audiology Services of Chattanooga is caring and has the knowledge to give me back my hearing. I now enjoy sounds that I thought I would never hear again.

– Gerald

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS, with a happy client

I highly recommend them for all your hearing needs. The professionals at Audiology Services of Chattanooga provide excellent service and are the nicest people in the world.

– Chester

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS, with a happy client

Services are very professional and with a welcome smile. A great experience at all times.

– Dale

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS, with a happy client

It’s a pleasure working with Cheryl. She has patience and listens to every detail and always makes every effort to obtain better hearing for me. I am very pleased with her services and will recommend her to all my friends.

– Sushila

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS, with a happy client

I couldn’t have found a more thorough and kinder person. Cheryl knows her product and worked diligently to fit me for the best hearing aids possible. She truly cares about her clients.

– Sarah

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS, with a happy client

Your services are wonderful. I love being able to hear so much better and especially the television.

– Mary

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS, with a happy client

Cheryl is the most caring individual I have ever known. She always listens and makes everything all right. She makes sure that I am comfortable and that my hearing aids are the best they can be.

– Helen

My Experience with Audiology Services of Chattanooga.

My first appointment with Dr. Kenneth Parker was in 2007. I received my hearing test and was fit with a pair of hearing aids. I appreciated that I was not pressed to purchase the most expensive hearing aid but was told that the one I chose would fit my needs. I have enjoyed my hearing aids for several years now and it has made a world of difference in my life. I realized how much I had been missing with friends and family.

Anytime I have had a problem and called for an appointment or advice, I received help. The appointment was always set as soon as possible and the problem solved. Dr. Parker would try to take care of the problem that day in his lab, instead of having to keep the hearing aid and sending to the factory for repair, but if it was necessary to keep it for repair it was soon taken care of and returned to me.

The employees of this office are friendly and helpful. I would recommend this office to anyone having a hearing problem and feel confident that they would be pleased with the services that they would receive.”

– JoAnne

What a pleasurable experience it is to work with the office staff and particularly Dr. Parker. Each of you put your patients at ease and anticipate needs of the patients and do the very best to meet those needs. Every aspect of each visit is positive. This includes friendly greetings and a very comfortable waiting area with positive and interesting reading material. Your appointment schedule runs on time without making any patient feel “rushed”. Dr. Parker is very personable and treats his patients with dignity and respect. He always takes care of the needs and also makes you feel that he is interested in you personally. Scheduling appointments is very positive and consideration is given for particular needs in the timing of the schedule.

Thank you for always maintaining professionalism as well as personal interest in serving each of your patients.

We appreciate you!

– Mary

Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your professional service to me. I moved to Chattanooga in 2004 and searched for an audiologist that could service my Starkey hearing aids. I made an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Parker of Audiology Services of Chattanooga. Although I purchased my original hearing devices out of state, Dr. Parker treated me as if I was one of his long-time clients. His professionalism and the friendliness of his staff convinced me that I had made the right choice. Since that original experience I have had regular check-ups and have been introduced to the newest technology in hearing devices,… which I recently purchased, and now enjoy an even better level of hearing.

Thanks Audiology Services of Chattanooga for making my life more enjoyable.

– Richard

This is the nicest group of people, so warm and loving! My father was treated with kindness and was not embarrassed by his hearing situation. Thank you so much Ken Parker and staff!

– Charlotte

Dear Dr. Parker and Staff: I am writing to let you know how nice it is to be a patient at your office. The staff is always professional and friendly-and always handles everything with my insurance company. Dr. Parker-I cannot believe all the personal effort-extra effort-that you have shown me. I think it has been about 9 years since I started seeing you in Chattanooga, and even though I have moved to Georgia. I feel that is still worth my while to make the drive to your office. Thanks for all you do!

– Mark

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