Closed-Captioning Glasses allow people with hearing loss to enjoy the the movies!

Going to the movies is something that everyone should be able to enjoy. Regal Cinemas and Sony Entertainment believe that this should be the case as well, that anyone with hearing loss should also be able to have access to the latest films. That is why they have made the access glasses, a product that they are testing in several theaters across the United States. Here we will examine the potential that these glasses have to improve the movie experience of people with hearing loss.

Understanding The Concept

The access glasses are not the first form of captioning glasses that have been created to suit the needs of people with hearing loss. Regal Cinemas’ chief administrative officer, Randy Smith, has been trying to find the right pair of captioning glasses for close to a decade. These efforts were partially for business, but have also hit close to home since his son has hearing impairment. HE wants everyone to be able to sit in their theater and enjoy the movies.

Comfort Is Important

One of the most valued aspects of the access glasses is the fact that they are very comfortable to wear. They fit most people like oversized glasses, and can accommodate all shapes and sizes of heads. The devices that sense the captioning data are built into boxes on the rims, and the entire device is light enough that it can be worn for several movies without causing any strain.

How To Use The Glasses

The glasses can be requested at the counter of the participating Regal Cinemas. The concierge will help the person adjust the lenses for brightness as well as make calculations based on where the person will be sitting. Most people recommend going to the movies early so that you can sit in the center of the theater for the best results.
After the setup is complete, the movie will be started and the glasses will begin to receive data from the projector. The captions are then projected onto the lenses and appear to be several feet in front of the reader. This will allow the user to watch the movie and read the captions at the same time.

Finding The Glasses

These glasses have been released for use in 6,000 different screens at Regal Cinemas. The hope is that they will be able to draw in more people with hearing loss to use the glasses and offer them a chance to enjoy the movies. Over the summer, data will be collected about the usage of these glasses in different locations, which will inevitably affect the future of the access glasses. It is not currently known if they will be used in other areas as well.

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