Digital Hearing Aids

There are millions of people who develop some form of hearing deficiency every year because of loud environments at work or in a combat role. That is why there has been an increased emphasis on using devices that are meant to reduce the overall impact that loud sounds have on workers around the world. One of the devices that are gaining a large amount of supporters is the digital ear plug. In this article we will examine the different ways that these devices can offer support, how they function, and what industries make the most use out of them.

How Ear Plugs Work

These digital earplugs are a technologically improved means of protecting your hearing. The first method that they use to complete this task is a barrier method. Simply put, a digital ear plug makes it very difficult for any sound to come through and harm the ear canal. Another way that you can use digital ear plugs is by limiting the decibel levels that you want to be exposed to by changing the settings that are built into the device. Finally, digital ear plugs can allow the user to select a frequency range that is appropriate for their needs in a given area.

How Does It Function?

The digital ear plugs have several types of technology built into them which allow the user to interface and change their requirements for listening. While the barrier method can help shut out any noise, it is a rare occasion when workers want no noise at all. Rather, they use a stop-gate device which allows in some sounds up to a certain level of decibels, but not others. Also, they have a frequency altering device that allows in a healthy range of sounds, but none which can cause hearing damage in the worker. These have a variety of uses in the workplace, and especially in areas where there the potential for distractions and harm.

Where They Are Being Used

Digital ear plugs are being used in many different work environments such as first response as well as on battlefields around the world. The ability of the digital ear plugs to block out loud blasts of noise, such as gunfire, has made them an invaluable tool. Moreover, since these devices have the ability to make conversational noises louder while also making ambient sounds softer means that they can be used in all emergency situations. This allows the wearer to save their hearing, hear instructions, and keep themselves from being distracted by ambient noise. This means that they will remain safe as well as have the ability to help others around them.

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