Home Hearing Loop System Installation Made Simple

Well done! In order to hear your favorite TV programs without aggravating your family, you recently got a hearing loop. It may have been a hard decision to choose which model to purchase, but it really is easy to put in your hearing loop at home.

If you’re able to carry out a few straightforward, step-by-step directions, you won’t need a specialist to install the system.

Getting started. There are four key elements to nearly all loop systems: a sound source (a telephone or TV, for example), a wire loop, an amplifier and a sound receiver (the role typically played by your hearing aid). Just like any home improvement project, it is a smart idea to ensure you have all the correct tools and equipment handy before you begin setting up your new loop. Depending upon the particulars of the loop you’re putting in, a few extra tools, such as a stapler and a screwdriver, might make your installation faster and easier.

The work involved. First, attach your amplifier near your TV set with the fasteners that were included with your system or merely place it next to your TV on a shelf. Second, plug the loop amplifier into a power outlet and then into your TV’s audio output jack. The final step is to place the wire loop along either the edge of the ceiling or floor and secure with tacks or staples.

And, you’re done!

Just follow the manufacturer’s directions to adjust the volume and any other settings your system may have. Depending on your loop system, the volume is governed by either the amplifier itself or a separate control panel.

Precautions. Never position any electronic equipment in or near water (vases, sinks or aquariums), or in places where moisture may gather. Never spray cleaning solution on the amplifier; instead, wipe it with a dry cloth. Moreover, keep the device away from sources of heat, such as a stove, fireplace or heater. To avoid overheating your hearing loop, position it in a location that allows adequate airflow instead of inside a closed cabinet.

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