How Cell Phones Are Revolutionizing The Hearing Aid Industry

Who knew cell phones and smart phones could work in tandem with hearing aids? Cell phones and smart phones, already a huge benefit in their own right in terms of communication in everyday life, are becoming even more helpful in regards to the hearing impaired community. The growing technology of cell and smart phones are making the experiences of hearing impaired people even more positive. With the ability to achieve clearer results when used together, cell phones and smarts phones are beginning to pave the way for those with hearing loss to go about their day with ease. The hearing aid industry has recently gotten a big boost by cell phones and smart phones, representing a leading force in the hearing impaired community. This is so they can be used in conjunction with the capabilities of modern day hearing aids because hearing aids on their own can’t always offer the power or convenience that a phone can.

Cell Phone Technological Advancements

You may not have been aware that modern cell phones come with a telecoil, but it’s true. Featuring a T3 or T4 standard, most cell phones must indicate they have met or exceeded the overall power and efficiency that is required to achieve this. The hardware and software of cell phones are now more efficient in this regard. This component has the ability to change magnetic signals from the phone into sound waves that can be detected by the hearing aid user. Optimal interpretation occurs when the telecoil and the cell phone are used in tandem. Thus, sufferers of hearing loss can enjoy an increased range, which is a pretty big convenience in today’s world of on-the-go.

Smart Phones- Leading The Way

Today’s smart and cell phones make it possible to alert users via a phone call or text with blinking LED lights to get the user’s immediate attention. Or, they can send vibrations when a message or phone call or text is received so the user can count on their device to notify them of any emergencies or conversations. Thanks to vital components within cell and smart phones, people with hearing loss don’t have to strain to hear with just their hearing aid alone. They can be alerted to phone calls and warnings, and download apps that can locate active subtitles for a movie they want to view.

HAC, or hearing aid capability, imparts all the information a hearing impaired person needs to know about their device’s capabilities. Hitting the market hard with excellent technology built right in, cell and smart phones contain sensitive telecoils that provide static and noise cancelling technology. The best part is, the user experiences virtually no feedback or static present when using a hearing aid together with a phone. Hearing impaired people can use apps to search for a syndicated television program. This results in a better overall daily experience and quality of life for those who want to take advantage of their smart phone technology and state of the art hearing aid to provide the best, most efficient results.

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