Environmental and Recreational Hearing Protection

We now have available to our patients many types of custom hearing protection and musician monitors.

We also offer the latest in custom fit headphones to provide unmatched, crystal-clear sound when listening to your favorite music or playing your video games.

Do you hunt, shoot, ride motorcycles, or race cars? Are you involved in a hobby where you are exposed to high decibels of sound? It is very important to protect your hearing while still enjoying your hobbies. There is technology available that uses seamless sound activated compression to trigger instant and automatic suppression of any noise over 93 dB for shooters and 80 dB for industrial use. Racing molds are available and used by amateur and professional drivers who demand quality one-way listening communication. The custom design allows maximum comfort and durability and provides excellent sound suppression underneath any racing helmet.

Maybe you play guitar, banjo, keyboard, or sing vocals in a band. Does your church have an orchestra or band you participate in? We offer custom fit stage monitors for musicians and vocalist that deliver superior sound quality with a custom and secure fit. The monitors provide lower stage volume for the performer, which results in truer sound for the audience as well as less equipment to purchase and transport.

Also available are floating swim plugs and sleeping plugs.

Call us today for more information regarding any of these products. It only requires a brief appointment to make custom impressions of an individual’s ears to be on their way to optimum hearing protection.

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