Hearing Dogs – Assistance for hearing loss and the deaf

Most people have some idea of the concept behind service animals for people who suffer from blindness. However, this idea has recently been adapted for helping people with hearing loss. All different breeds of dogs are being examined for their ability to act as hearing dogs. These dogs are able to be trained to assist people with all different sorts of hearing impairments. Here we will take a look at the different ways that they can help people with hearing loss and the training that they must go through.

How To Get A Hearing Dog

There are many different things that must be taken care of before you can get a hearing dog. The very first of these is being above the age of 18 and then filling out an application. You will also need a family member or friend to vouch for you so that they can help you with the training portion of the process. Your home will need to be examined for its space and your finances must be secure. Then you must attend canine training and then go to follow-up training on an annual basis.

The Training Process

Each hearing dog is trained to hear and report the sounds to their hearing partner. This can take anywhere up to six months of time to ensure that they have the proper temperament and ability to assess certain sounds and threats. Among the seven sounds that they must learn to respond to before they go into service are smoke alarms, door knocking and human voices. However, these are not the only sounds to which they will respond, you can teach them more as you live with them.

Helping Impaired Individuals

After the hearing dog is placed in an individual’s home, they need an additional period of personal care to ensure that there is a good fit. When they are completely finished their training, they will be able to provide a variety of services throughout the home and also in public. These dogs can also communicate in several other emergency situations that can keep you safe.
If you decide to travel outdoors with your hearing dog, then you will experience some of the greatest forms of independence that you have ever had. These hearing dogs can keep you safe from encroaching pets, cars, and sirens. Even though they may not have been trained in these specific hearing attributes, they still exhibit unique behavior that will alert you to any possible dangers or items that require your attention.

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