Siemens and Their Digital Hearing Aids

Siemens offers quite an array of digital hearing aids in numerous sizes to help accommodate everyone.

The Artis and Cielo models of the open ear variety offer users a digital experience without having to worry about breaking the bank. All of these models offer digital noise reduction technology along with phase cancellation to help eliminate any unnecessary feedback that might in turn cause a whistling noise.

Phoenix and Intuis models are in their intermediate price range. These BTE style aids come equipped with additional features such as that of an advanced computer assisted technology and adjustments done automatically without ever having to touch the unit. These units were designed with performance and clarity in mind.

The Centra is available in a half shell or an in-the-canal style. The Acuris is available in many styles that range from BTE all the way down to CIC styles. These are the top dogs when it comes to Siemens technology. Centra offers one of the smoothest sounding technologies and offers users the most advanced option for adapting feedback cancellation in an effort to eliminate any whistling interference.

If you think a Siemens hearing instrument might be the right choice for you, contact a local Siemens provider near you.

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