The Problem Of Earwax

In almost every bathroom medicine cabinet or vanity drawer you can cotton swabs. These are great products for many grooming purposes, but contrary to popular belief removing earwax is not one of them. This could be very harmful for your ears.

The body produces earwax because it needs it to keep ears healthy.

It provides lubricant and is a catch all for dust, bugs, and other debris that may enter the ear. Some people produce more of it than others. Sometimes when a person’s body over produces earwax it can hinder hearing capabilities. The best and safest way to remove the wax is to let your hearing specialist do it for you.

Only a professional can determine if there is an underlying problem for the over production, and safely remove the wax. It is ill advised to attempt to remove this earwax on your own. If you do you could end up damaging your ear canal or even your eardrum. If you insist on removing the wax yourself your specialist can recommend some dissolving drops to make the earwax more pliable. Put a wash cloth over your index finger and clean your ear that way. This should remove the unwanted wax without damaging your ear.

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